Tips and Tricks

1. Use a drill bit to ream out the bore holes exactly at 4.15 and 5.10. Your printer will most likely not print these bore holes exactly. Experiment how much you must ream so the drill guide will fit snug. You can buy the correctly dimensioned bits on the internet.

2. Print the parts flat on your printer for the best dimensional shape. Try to place the support in areas that are not critical. This will not always be possible, and you will have to remove the support carefully to maintain the shape.

3. Thermoforming the carrier. I use a soft bleach tray material and a 0.5 mm thick bondable material as a sandwich. The soft material faces the model. Use a electric heat knife to cut and melt these two together. While you can use a 0.75 mm or even 1 mm bondable material, this combo is most comfortable for the patient.

4. Use a block out material so the undercuts are not too extreme. You want the carrier to have retention but not snap too tight. You can use PVS material to block it out, or use Model Bloc a non-setting plastic which is a great material to have anyway.